MEMORANDUM on discussions held by Jubilee Lodge on the possibilities of forming a District Grand Lodge of Zambia.

At the regular meeting of jubilee Lodge Held on Monday April 25th 1965, the following motion was put before the Lodge “That the Master, Wardens and Past Masters of the Lodge should investigate the formation of a District Grand Lodge of Zambia.

The Motion was carried and a meeting of Past Masters was called for Monday, May 10th 1965. The Master, Warden and 8 Past Masters attended.

The various arguments for and against the formation of a new District were discussed at ‘length and the following notes summaries the feelings of the meeting:

  1. The present geographical size of the District makes communication and, particularly, personal contact difficult.
  2. Zambia, for better or for worse is a nation on its own and this reality must be faced.
  3. It is difficult, if not impossible, to foresee any long term future of English Freemasonry in Zambia linked with Rhodesia and, if it follows that the break must be made sooner or later, it were better that it be made now.
  4. The fear that we night be accused of pandering in political extremist’s was voiced, but It was generally felt that the formation of a new District was the best way of remaining aloof from political controversy.
  5.  The possible difficulty of finding sufficiently able and willing Masons to form and carry on the District was discussed. It was pointed out that 22 Officers were required and of these 6 or 7 should hold office for 3 to 5 years in administrative posts. The meeting did not consider this a serious difficulty in a District of 11 lodges and 900 members-
  6. it pointed out that approx. £700 would be needed to finance a new district, but that some finance would probably be donated by the District of Rhodesia. it was suggested that the English lodges in Zambia should set themselves a target of £1000 in donations and to this end Jubilee lodge intends to promise a donation of £100.
  7.  To sum up, it was unanimously felt that, if a District of Zambia is doomed to failure by lack of support, then English Freemasonry in general in this country is also doomed to Disappear, in fact the meeting agreed that a new District is possibly the only means by which we can continue for any length of time.

Bearing all the above in mind the meeting unanimously adopted the following motion: ‘That the formation of a District of Zambia in the near future is both feasible and desirable and that we suggest that a meeting of Masters, Wardens and Past Masters of all English lodges in Zambia be convened to discuss the matter further‘.  Broken Hill was suggested as a suitable venue for such a meeting, but it was agreed that the views of other Lodges should be sought first.

Before closing it was particularly requested that the following sentiment be recorded: ‘That nothing in these discussions or decisions is intended as a slight or abuse of the District Grand Lodge of Rhodesia and that no action shall be taken without the full knowledge of the District Grand Master‘.


A meeting of all lodges was convened on 13th March, 1966, at Kabwe, at which all lodges with the exception of Victoria Falls Lodge, were present. W.Bro. E.S.Speck, Asst. District Grand Master, asked for questions and comment on the proposed formation of a District Grand Lodge of Zambia, which had been the subject of various separate discussions and correspondence. Discussions lasted an hour and a half and when a vote was taken 9 lodges were in favour and 2 against (Roan Antelope lodge and, by letter, Victoria Falls lodge).

The result of the vote was communicated, to the District Grand Master in Salisbury and the M.W the Grand Master in London.




Freemason’s Hall,
Great Queen’s Street,
London W.C.2
5th July, 1966

Dear Sir and W.Brother,

I am writing to formally notify you that the M.W the Grand Master has approved the formation of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia with effect from the 1st January, 1967, and That W.Bro. Eric Stanley Speck, P.A.G.D.C., has been appointted District Grand Master from that date.

The District will comprise the following Lodges:

Lodge Luangwa. No.4820Eagle Lodge No. 7232
Roan Antelope Lodge No.5278Tranquility Lodge No.7287
Mufulira Lodge. lo. 5328Coronation Lodge. No.7329
Victoria Falls Lodge, No.5327Falcon Lodge. No.7510
Jubilee Lodge, No.5582Bancroft Lodge. No.7549
Itawa Lodge, No.7072 

No doubt you be hearing from W.Bro. Speck himself at a later date regarding matters generally.

Yours sincerely and fraternally,
Grand Secretary


The arrangement for the consecration were well in hand. Jubilee Lodge, under the guidance of the D.G.M. Designate, W.Bro. E. S. Speck and the D.G. Secretary, W. Bro. A.E.Garner, realising that Lodge Luangwa, under whose banner the ceremony was to be held, was too far away from Kitwe to take a hand in the practical arrangement, organised the reception of visitors, seating in the hall, Master‘s and Warden’s fixtures, printing of programmes and the catering.  The O.B.Bennett Hall in Kitwe was chosen as the venue because of its size, and Lodge Luangwa was to open and close the meeting, being the oldest Lodge in the new District. The banquet after the meeting was to be held in the Nkana Mine Mess, which was equipped for such occasions.

The President of Zambia, Dr. K.D.Kaunda had been advised of the formation of our District and His Excellency’s reply was a great morale booster.

(excerpts for “A History of English Freemasonry in Zambia to 1970”, compiled at the request of the DISTRICT GRAND LODGE OF ZAMBIA, by A.M.L.Entzinger, Ndola, Zambia. MDCCCCLXII)