Chapter Name

Brolund Royal Arch Chapter No 7510



Meeting place

Freemason’s Hall

Date of Consecration


Regular Convocation day

Fourth Thursday

February, May August November





First Principal

Ex.Comp. S B Kuntawala

Second Principal

Ex.Comp. N J Du Preez

Third Principal

Ex.Comp. M I Zhou

Scribe E

Ex.Comp. G N Pai 

Contact details

all communication through Scribe E

P.O.Box RW 50201, Lusaka

(Extract from “A History of English Freemasonry in Zambia to 1970”, compiled at the request of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia by A.M.L.Entzinger, Ndola, Zambia, MDCCCCLXXI)

At the height of the Second World War Lodge Luangwa initiated plans for the formation of a Royal Arch Chapter in Broken Hill (now Kabwe).

W.Bro. Palmer then rose and suggested that Brethren, who were Companions of the Royal Arch, should endeavour to open a Chapter in the Lodge.  He also stated that he knew where R.A. furniture could be obtained”.  (Reg. Mtg. Lodge Luangwa 15th June 1943)

W.Bro Palmer gave notice of the following motion: That Lodge Luangwa sponsor the formation of a Royal Arch Chapter in Broken Hill.” (Reg. Mtg. Lodge Luangwa 15th June 1944)

The Chapter was formed by Companions, resident in Broken Hill, Lusaka and Ndola and the name Brolund was arrived at by combining the first few letters of the names of these towns.

The Charter for Brolund Chapter No. 4820 was granted at the Regular Convocation of Supreme Grand Chapter held on 7th February 1945, and the chapter was consecrated on 5th May 1945.  It is of interest to note that, although the Charter was attached to Luangwa Lodge No 4820, it did not take the Lodge’s name, possibly due to the presence in Ndola of the Scottish Luangwa Chapter No. 665 S.C.

The Consecration ceremony was performed by M.E.Comp. Sir Ellis Robins, assisted by M.E.Comps. G.Rosin, D.N.Watson and Capt. A.J.Thompson, who all went by air.

“Watson had never flown yet and was afraid of getting sick.  Rosin gave him some Dramine tablets to take one an hour before the flight and one on take-off.  Watson, to be on the safe side, took three each time.  When we got off the plane he appeared very drunk, although he never drank anything stronger than ginger ale.  I ordered gallons of black coffee, while others went in search of a doctor and some antidote, Benzedrine.  The town was dead and deserted on a Saturday afternoon, but eventually we managed to get some.  We had to keep walking and we did.  For two hours we had Watson between us and due to his uncontrollable movements we all staggered through street after street.  It must have been quite a sight.  He was Third Principal at the meeting.  When the meeting eventually started, Watson still appeared drunk and unsteady on his feet and knocked almost all the banners upside down.”  (M.E.Comp. A.J.Thompson)

The official record of the Consecration is in the form of a letter from M.E.Comp. Sir Ellis Robins to the Grand Scribe E:

13th August 1945

Dear Companion White

The Brolund Chapter No. 4820

I enclose Consecration Return to this new Chapter which has been duly completed.  I apologise for the delay in dispatching it, due to the absence on tour of M.E.Z.

I carried out the Consecration, ably assisted by E.Comp. D.Watson and other E.Comps., who accompanied me from various parts of the District.  The support which the Chapter is already receiving is most gratifying.

One matter was brought to my notice in which I shall be glad of your advice and assistance:

When the Petition was prepared for submission to Grand Chapter and subsequently transmitted under cover of my letter dated 10th November 1944, the names of fourteen Companions were attached as signatories.  By some misunderstanding, the names of a further six signatories were omitted as, although they had informed Scribe E designate of their desire as Petitioners, they had not appended their signatures to the document itself, but had signed a separate letter, copy of which I now hold.

(follow names and particulars)

I wish to ask that they may be added to the Petitioners and thus qualify to be shown as Founders of the Chapter.

I wish also to ask that, through my letter of 10th November 1944, in which I supported the Petition, I may be regarded as one of the Petitioners.

I hope that these requests may not be regarded as unreasonable and that grand Chapter will take into consideration the difficulties of distance and war-time communications in this country, which prevented the Petition being put forward in a strictly orthodox manner.

I am,

Yours sincerely and fraternally,

sgd. T Robbins

Supreme Grand chapter granted the request but, as M.E.Comp Robins consecrated the Chapter, it was not possible for him to be a Founder.

The following Companions were Founders of the Brolund Royal Arch Chapter

D.ShapiroW.H. van Zijl

After about three years, due to several transfers and departures, the Chapter did not have sufficient members to carry on and went into recess.  However, a few Companions resident in Lusaka, got together and in order not to lose the Warrant, resuscitated the Chapter under the guidance of the M.E.Comp. Sir Ellis Robins.  A Special Meeting was held on 21st August 1948, the agenda for which is copied:

The removal of the Chapter from Kabwe to Lusaka was sanctioned by the Committee of General Purposes on 3rd November 1948 and the first Regular Convocation was held on 24th March 1949.


A Special Meeting of the Chapter will be held in the Lusaka Masonic Temple on Saturday, 21st August at 8.00 p.m.


1.              To pass a resolution asking for Dispensation to hold the Regular Meetings of the Chapter in the Lusaka Masonic temple.

2.              To arrange the Agenda for the Installation Ceremony and the date of same.

3.              General

All Royal Arch Masons are invited to attend

(Lounge suits)


Lusaka, August 14th,1948                                               A.Gray   .Z.

“At the first meeting everybody was reading from the books”.  (M.E.Comp. D.J.Ruth)

“At the first Regular Convocation in Lusaka, on 24th March 1949, three Brethren were exalted: Aubrey Green, Ted Humphrey and myself.  Immediately after our exaltation we were all made Office Bearers and the Chapter was thus able to carry on.  You may not that all three were Past Masters of Lodge Lusaka of the Scottish Constitution, and all three ultimately became First Principals.  In 1959, when I was First Principal, the Second and Third Principals were also Past Masters of Lodge Lusaka.  This shows the universality of Freemasonry in these parts of the world”.  (M.E.Comp. W.E.Foote)

For a number of years one of the Convocations in each year was held in Broken Hill (Kabwe).  This was done because there were quite a number of Companions resident in that town and this meeting enabled those who could not travel to Lusaka to attend at least one meeting in each year.

Brolund Chapter carried on quietly and very successfully.  A high standard of ceremony was maintained throughout and Past First Principals are always ready to stand in when occasion arises – note the number who went through the Chair two or three times.  When the new Chapter was formed in Ndola, The Itawa Chapter, Brolund was honoured by being invited to instal the Principals.  The team consisted of Comps. Dave Ruth, Fred Mack Leslie Wood and myself and I am sure that we upheld the confidence placed in us on that occasion.”  (M.E.Comp. W.E.Foote)

In time Lodge Luangwa, whose number the Chapter still had, wanted the Chapter back in Kabwe, but by then the majority of its members were from Lusaka and, of course, they were not keen on travelling 90 miles to Kabwe for every meeting.

Brolund Chapter had, in Lusaka, the choice of two English Lodges to attach itself to:

“Falcon Lodge was chosen because Eagle Lodge wanted to change the name of the Chapter to Eagle Royal Arch Chapter, while Falcon was prepared to accept the name Brolund”.  (M.E. D.J.Ruth)

In 1967 arrangements were put in hand for the Chapter to be attached to Falcon Lodge and cease its attachment to Lodge Luangwa.  These arrangements were finalised at the meeting of Supreme Grand Chapter on 25th April 1968.  Despite being attached to the Falcon Lodge the Chapter was permitted to retain its original name as it still came within the limits of the area from which the name Brolund was derived.  Kabwe was, later, to house the Fort Jameson Royal Arch Chapter, Scottish Constitution, defunct in Fort Jameson, now Chipata