Lodge NameThe Coronation Lodge No 7329 EC
Meeting placeFreemason’s Hall
Date of ConsecrationFebruary 20th 1954
Regular meeting dayFourth Friday
InstallationFourth Saturday February
Contact detailsAll communication through the secretary
P.O.Box 10878, Chingola
Worshipful MasterBro. J.M. Patel 
Worshipful Senior WardenBro. B. Thorley 
Worshipful Junior WardenBro. M.K. Trivedi
SecretaryBro. B. Thorley 

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compiled at the request of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia by A.M.L.Entzinger and with some additions by Wor.Bro.B.Thorley

Coronation Lodge was consecrated on 20th February 1954.  The sponsor Lodge was Jubilee Lodge No 5582 EC. 


The first record of the possibility of forming a Lodge under the English Constitution in Chingola is on the 19th April 1949 when, at a meeting of Mufulira Lodge, a letter was read out from the DGL Rhodesia.  At that meeting the Secretary was asked to ask for more details.  These having been received, the matter was further discussed at the Meeting of 20th September 1949 when W. Bro. Vernon gave a resume of what happened some time ago about the formation of a new Lodge in Chingola and informed the Brethren that the matter had been discussed before the Committee and that it was their considered opinion that it would be unwise to support any new Lodge at that time.  The Brethren were asked to comment and it was proposed by the W. Master and seconded by W. Bro. Godden that they were not prepared to sponsor a new Lodge in Chingola.  The proposition was carried.  (Minutes of the Regular Meeting of 20th September 1949).

  1. Bro. Goldring remembers having heard that it was the opinion of the W. Master and Past Masters that a small town like Chingola would be unable to support two Lodges, there already being a lodge under the Scottish Constitution, Lodge Chingola.

The proposed Lodge applied again to Mufulira Lodge for assistance in October 1952:-

The letter from Bro. Lincoln was discussed and it was proposed by W. Bro. Godden that the Secretary reply:   

“That as Mufulira Lodge had already sponsored two Lodges, and we feel that as Roan Antelope is the senior Lodge on the Copperbelt and they have the Asst. DGM resident there, Roan Antelope Lodge should be approached as sponsors of the new Lodge”.  The proposal was seconded by W. Bro. Speck.  W. Bro. Vernon put the following amendment “In the event of Roan Antelope Lodge not agreeing to sponsor the new Lodge, we will consider the matter”.  The proposed amendment was seconded by W. Bro. Rannie.  On being put to the vote the proposition was carried.  (Committee Meeting minutes of 17th October 1952)

However the Consecration of Coronation Lodge went ahead on the scheduled date with the ceremony being carried out by the R.W. the Assistant Grand Master, Major General Sir Allan Adair, Bt.,C.B.,D.S.O.,M.C., being assisted by R.Wor. Bro. Sir Ellis Robins, D.G.M., W.Bro. A.Wroth, W.Bro. D.J.Jones and “various others”.  This is contained in the DGM report to the 24th Annual Communication of the District Grand Lodge of Rhodesia held on 24th April 1954 at Victoria Falls.

Coronation Lodge minutes and attendance register do not actually record the Ceremony.  These are contained in minutes of Jubilee Lodge.  And the only mention of which Lodge sponsored The Coronation Lodge is recorded in the Minutes of the Consecration Meeting on 20th February 1954, where it is recorded that “ … The Officers and Brethren of Jubilee Lodge No. 5582, summoned by notice of an Emergency Communication, assembled in the Masonic Temple, Chingola, when at 5 pm, with W. Bro. Moss in the Chair, opened the Lodge and requested that the Notice convening the Meeting, and also the Notice of Dispensation, granted by the Rt. W. DGM, be read.”  The sponsorship of the Lodge is only confirmed in the Master’s report for the Installation held in 1955 where thanks are given to Jubilee lodge for sponsoring the Lodge.  Whether or not there is any correlation in the naming of the Lodge is not forthcoming from the minutes.

In the build up to the Consecration meetings were held but records are sparse.  Prior to the Consecration, the minutes of a meeting held in the refectory of Lodge Chingola on Thursday 24th September 1953 record that:  “W.Bro.Dixon introduced discussion on the subject of Regalia and proposed that regalia be borrowed from Jubilee Lodge as we are unable to obtain our own in time for the Consecration and Installation Ceremonies”.  This proposal was seconded by Bro. D. Price.  Bro. Barnes proposed that W. Bro. Wybough write to Toye Kenning and Spencer on this matter asking how soon same can be obtained.  W. Bro. Dixon proposed three complete sets of regalia be ordered for Senior Brethren.  Other Brethren to wear their own until such time as a complete set can be obtained.  This was seconded by Bro. Morris.  Bro. Hall proposed that the Standing Committee, when formed, deal with all matters concerning Regalia.  Next there appears what might be considered peculiar for an English Lodge.  “W. Bro. Dixon proposed the use of white gloves for each Officer of the Lodge.  Bro. D. Price offered to supply them.  This proposition was accepted by the W. Master Elect with grateful thanks to Bro. Price”.  This was probably recorded because the other Lodges which operated from the Chingola Temple were Lodge Chingola (SC) and Pioneer Lodge (IC) who do not wear white gloves.

The first actual working was to Initiate Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Asbury and, according to the Minutes, these gentlemen were balloted for, interviewed and then Initiated in that order on the same night.

It is apparent from the minutes of the Meeting of 25th June 1954 that there was some ill feeling in the Lodge as it is recorded that “ … A collective ballot was taken for Bros. Hoare and VanLeeve to become Joining Members of the Lodge”.  The ballot proved not clear.  The ballot was again taken separately and Bro. Hoare was accepted as a Joining Member.  Recorded under General, in the same minutes, mention was made of the embarrassment that the rejection of a Master Mason, Bro. VanLeeve had caused, especially as the proposer was the W. Master.  Bro. VanLeeve eventually became a Joining Member on 28th October 1955.

From the Lodge Records it appears that despite several rejections of both Candidates and Joining Members, prior to ballot, the Lodge strength steadily increased.

In 1957 / 8 the running of the Lodge building was vested in the Combined Lodges House Committee, the building being owned by Lodge Chingola of the Scottish Constitution.

In January 1967 the Lodge was privileged to receive the Rt. W. Deputy Grand Master, the Grand Secretary and the Grand Director of Ceremonies (who were in the country for the Inauguration of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia).  They were accompanied by a large contingent of DGL Members.  At that Meeting, attended by 27 Members and 54 visitors, Bro. VanLeeve Jnr. was raised to the Third Degree.

The late 1960s were a challenging time for the Lodge with 1970-72 being particularly difficult.  The Master Elect for that year, Bro. A Webster, passed to the GLA a week after the Installation, and the IPM who had hoped to handed over the running of the Lodge, W.Bro. Attersoll, had already made plans for leaving the country.  The annual report of the WM is reproduced:

“Masters’ Reports are almost invariably pleasant, often light-hearted and occasionally over long.  This one is, I am afraid, none of these.  Since being Installed into the Chair of K.S. last year, I have realised how much a Master depends on his Past Masters, as well as good Officers, to keep the Lodge up to standard, and how little of King Solomon’s wisdom we possess when we go into the Chair.  The Coronation Lodge has had more than its share of troubles over the year, but I am happy to say that most of them have been resolved satisfactorily, and in spite of difficulties we have encountered, I am grateful to have had the honour of serving the Lodge as Master for the past year.  To date since my Installation the Lodge has held twelve Meetings, over which I have presided at eleven.  During this time we have Raised two F.C’s to the Third degree and Initiated eight new Brethren, six of whom have been Passed and Raised.  This rather high figure is due to the fact that two of this year’s Candidates were Initiated in February as our Installation Meeting was postponed until March.  I am pleased to report all our Charitable Commitments have been honoured with the exception of the K 200 collected and donated by the Lodge for the Royal Masonic Hospital Development Fund, which is in the process of being transferred now by the Treasurer and should be completed by next month.  Due to the tragic illness of our Master Elect no Installation will take place this year.  It was hoped that Bro. Arthur Webster would rally sufficiently to be Installed tonight, but this was not to be.  I visited him last night and was distressed to see how rapidly he had deteriorated over the past three days.  Our feelings go out to his wife in their time of trouble and I have no doubt that the sympathy and prayers of every Brother are with them tonight.  Let us hope and pray that some miracle will occur and that Bro. Arthur will be spared to be with us next year.

So Mote it Be

At the first Meeting with W. Bro. Cushnahan in the Chair in 1971, W. Bro. Trawaves, a Founder Member of the Lodge, was proposed as an Honorary Member by Bro. D. VanLeeve.  The proposal was accepted by ballot.  At the next Meeting, W. Bro. Trawaves asked by letter for permanent leave of absence.

The Meeting of 28th July 1972 did not take place due to insufficient Brethren attending.  At the next Meeting, the DG Sec was present and chastised the Lodge, in no uncertain terms, for missing the Meeting. 

Brotherly love has prevailed throughout the history of the Lodge to such an extent that in May 1973 the Brethren of the Lodge voted to pay a Brother’s Joining and Subscription fees for the years 1971 to 1974 from the Charity Fund as the Brother was unable to meet his financial commitments to the Lodge.  The total cost to the Charity Fund being K 45:70.

During the years that the Lodge has been in operation, the Membership, indeed the numbers of Members attending, has fluctuated greatly mainly due to the turnover of personnel within Chingola, the main employer being the Copper Mines who use Contract Employees to fill their senior positions.  At the Meeting of 24th January 1974 when the Master Elect was elected, it is recorded in the minute Book that “ … The W. Master asked the Brethren to give the Master Elect their fullest support during the ensuing year … ” He also informed them that “ … if the attendance continued to fall, it could result in returning the Charter of the Lodge …

On 5th April 1975 the Lodge was honoured to hold the District Grand Lodge of Zambia 17th Regular Communication at which a total of 11 Members and 53 visitors were present.  It is interesting to note that, according to the minutes, the District Grand Master, Rt. W. Bro. Garner retired after the first rising.

December 1975 saw another milestone for the Lodge when they held their 250th Meeting at which the District Grand Master reprimanded the Lodge Members in the Columns for reading their Rituals during the Ceremony, even though he enjoyed the Working.

In December 1976 the Lodge was exempt from registration under the Societies Act.

In October 1980 the Regular Meeting was not held due to the Government imposing a curfew.  During the months of the curfew, the Lodge Meetings were held at 16.30 hrs. as the majority of the Members worked on the Mine and they finished work at 16.00 hrs.  This continued until 23rd January 1981 when the curfew was lifted and Meeting time returned to its usual 18.30 hrs.

In 1981 / 82 there were only two workings, all other Meetings being Lodges of Instruction, the majority being ably presented by W. Bro. D. Mason, a Past Master of the Lodge.

During 1982 / 83 there were only three workings, and again, the remainder of the Meetings were taken up with Lodges of Instruction.  In September 1982 the Lodge was again honoured by hosting the District Grand Lodge Communication at which 10 Members and 58 visitors were in attendance.

During 1983 a new tradition was introduced in the Lodge where the most recent EA, FC, or MM. presented the Working Tools at the next Initiation, Passing and Raising.

The Lodge must be considered fortunate as between 1980 and 1984 there was rarely a Meeting without a senior Member of the District in attendance.

On 23rd March 1984 W. Bro. D. Mason was made an honorary Member of the Lodge and as quoted from the minute book for that Meeting “ … due to his dedicated work for freemasonry in general and this Lodge in particular … ”  At the same Meeting, Rt. W. Bro. Wesson, the DGM, commented that he was not happy with the presentation of the ceremony and that he expected a vast improvement on his next visit.  It appears that both the W. Master and Brethren of the lodge took note of these comments because at his next visit, 3 months later, no adverse comments were recorded.

In the Minutes, it was recorded that the Lodge was “Passed and Raised” and not “Opened”.  This was rectified in the Minutes of the Installation Meeting in February 1985 after comments from the District Grand Master.

In November 1985 no Meeting was held due to a ban, by the authorities, on all Meetings of any sort throughout Zambia.  The Meeting was replaced by an Emergency Meeting in December.

In November 1987, W. Bro. D. Tucker, the W. Master, departed from Zambia and the Lodge was guided until the Installation Meeting of 1988, by W. Bro. Robinson, the IPM.  At that Meeting, W. Bro. Thorley was again installed into the Chair and the Working Tools were presented by the newest EA, FC and MM.  This became a tradition of the Lodge, although occasionally commented upon, both favourably and unfavourably, by visiting Members of the District.