Lodge Name

Eagle Lodge No 7232 EC



Meeting place

Freemason’s Hall

Date of Consecration

Saturday December 6th, 1952

Regular meeting day

Third Thursday


Third Saturday January



Worshipful Master

Wor Bro R. Sharma

Senior Warden

Bro P. McDonald

Junior Warden

Bro G. S. Corhhill


Bro M. Hedstrom

Contact details

all communication through the secretary

P.O.Box 3222, Lusaka

Extract from “A History of English Freemasonry in Zambia to 1970”, compiled at the request of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia by A.M.L.Entzinger, Ndola, Zambia, MDCCCCLXXI

In February 1952 it was agreed that Roan Antelope Lodge present the new Eagle Lodge in Lusaka with a V.S.L. and cushion.  Two months later, after the First Rising, it was proposed, seconded and unanimously agreed that Roan Antelope act as sponsors:

“for the new Lodge at Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, to be named Eagle Lodge.”

An emergency meeting was held in Lusaka, on 6th December 1952 to consecrate the new Lodge.

Since 1930 there had been in Lusaka only the Scottish Lodge Lusaka, No 1368.  In 1935 Lusaka became the capital of the Territory.  It did not shape overnight but grew steadily if slowly: one can only assume, therefore, that the limited number of masons living in and around Lusaka, coupled with the fact that a fair proportion were civil servants, subject to transfer at short notice, delayed the formation of an English Lodge.  Any plans there might have been after a few years would have been put away for the duration of the war.  English masons gave Lodge Lusaka every support, several held office and a few passed through the Master’s Chair.

“I know Hobbs, Humphreys and Green, all basically E.C. went through the Chair and held Scottish District Grand rank.  I myself reached S.W. in Lodge Lusaka before going to Broken Hill and Lodge Luangwa for three years.  I then returned to Lusaka to be Founder S.W. of Eagle Lodge.” (W.Bro. H.Quiggin)

We shall see later, however, how developments in Lusaka as the country’s headquarters and the establishment of industries there, in time led to the formation of a second English Lodge, a second Scottish Lodge and a Lodge under the Irish Constitution.

On 6th December 1952, Roan Antelope Lodge held an Emergency Meeting in the Buffalo Hall at Lusaka to solemnly consecrate the new Lodge.  The Chair was occupied by the I.P.M., W.Bro. L.Latham, assisted by the regular Officers of Raon Antelope Lodge.  The ceremony was conducted by the District Grand master, R.W.Bro. Col. Sir Ellis Robins and several D.G.Officers, whose names are now familiar to us: W.Bros. A.Wroth, S.M.Windsor, A.J.Johnson and others.  The Scottish District Grand Lodge turned out in force to add lustre to the occasion.  To enable the brethren of lower degrees to witness the proceedings the D.G.M. decided to conduct the ceremony in the First Degree.

“The District Grand Master, assisted by Officer of District Grand Lodge, consecrated Eagle Lodge No. 7232 on the Register of the Grand Lodge of England, according to the ancient usages and established customs of the Order.  The Warrant and Charter, granted by the Most Worshipful, the Grand master, dated 5th November 1952, was read by W.Bro. A.L.Pavall, District Grand Secretary and an inspiring oration was delivered by the Chaplain, Bro. D.Maxwell Robertson, a member of Lodge Lusaka.  The dignity of the whole ceremony deeply impressed all those present”. (Mtg. 6th December 1952)

At the subsequent Installation Bro.J.F. Davidson was installed as First Master of the Lodge and he, in turn, invested Bro.G.H.H.Quiggin as Senior Warden and Bro. E.G.Easton as Junior Warden.  After giving the address to the Brethren, W.Bro. A.J.Johnson presented to the Master a set of gavels for use by him and the Wardens.

“In making the presentation on behalf of Victoria falls Lodge No. 5327, W.Bro. Johnson offered his congratulations and those of his Lodge to the Founders of Eagle Lodge and his hopes for future prosperity  The W.M. expressed his appreciation of this gift on behalf of himself and of all members of Eagle Lodge”. (Mtg. 6th December 1952)

At this meeting five Brethren were admitted as Joining Members, one of whom was Bro. F.L.Wood from Victoria Falls Lodge.

The first working of the Lodge was a Second Degree for Bro. F.J.Rundle.

There has always been an excellent atmosphere of friendship between Eagle Lodge and Lodge Lusaka, it is, therefore, quite understandable that:

“Bro. secretary reported that Lodge Lusaka had readily agreed that the Charter of Eagle Lodge should hang in the east of the Temple”. (Reg.Mtg. 20th March 1953)

When Bro. Quiggin attained the Chair in December 1953, he took charge of a well-organised Lodge with 56 members of which an average of 33 attended its meetings.  His year of office was marked by several gifts to the Lodge.

“At the request of the I.P.M. W.Bro. J.F.Davidson, at present absent on vacation leave, Bro. Secretary presented the Lodge with a beautiful set of square and compasses”. (Reg.Mtg. 19th February 1954)

When, at the meeting of 19th February 1954, W.Bro. T.B.Neser presented greetings from Fidelity Lodge No. 2999, Transvaal, he was accompanied by his four sons.  Wor. Bro. Neser later joined the Lodge.

A short Special Communication of the District Grand Lodge was held on 4th December 1954, followed by the Installation of Bro. E.G.Easton.  The Communication lasted only 20 minutes and there do not seem to be any records as to what it was all about.

Wor. Bro. Quiggin’s report on his year of office makes interesting reading:

“By all reports the standard of working has been maintained this year and this has been achieved in spite of a number of Brethren going on leave.  Only on one occasion have I had to ask a Brother to undertake a portion of the ceremony at short notice, just before opening the Lodge.  August was our most difficult month – 10 Office Bearers away: of these the I.P.M., both Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Director of Ceremonies were all on long leave and in addition the Organist was unable to be present and the Tyler was sick.  Even so, the performance on that evening was creditable and I feel that the existence of such efficient understudies augurs well for the future of the Lodge.  That is not to say that the year has been without excitement.  I myself arrived only the day before I was Installed at an Emergency Meeting, the event having been postponed by the maximum of five weeks.  Another Brother cut it finer.  He is an aeronaut and was due to be Raised in April; he twice thought he would have to cable us after engine trouble to say that he could not make it, first from Malta and then from Khartoum.  However, he eventually touched down at Lusaka some two hours before the ceremony”. (Master’s Report for the year 1954)

In October, 1955, Eagle Lodge was asked to sponsor the formation of a Lodge under the Irish Constitution, to be named Downpatrick Lodge.  At the same time, another Scottish Lodge, Lodge of Unity, was in formation and at the meeting of 20th January 1956, it was decided to present both Lodges with a set of gavels as a token of friendship and goodwill.

In the middle 1950s membership was increasing dramatically for at the meeting of November 1955, the following resolution was put to the Lodge and adopted:

“That, on the recommendation of the Standing Committee and in consideration of the original understanding, when Eagle Lodge was first formed, the numerical strength of resident floor members of the Lodge should be limited to 60.  In maker this proposal the mover explained that it did not apply to Installed masters or Country members and that the present numerical strength of resident floor members was 48.  Proposed by Bro. Wood and seconded by Wor.Bro. Quiggin”. (Reg.Mtg. 18th November 1955)

It is obvious that this paved the way for the formation of another Lodge and six months later it was proposed by Wor.Bro. Davidson and seconded by Bro. Hills,

“That Eagle Lodge sponsor a Petition to the M.W. the Grand master from sundry M.M.’s who are desirous of forming a new Lodge under the English Constitution at Lusaka.  This resolution was put to the Lodge and carried unanimously, after which the Secretary exhorted all BB who were desirous of becoming Founders to make sure they had all the necessary papers in the form of G.L. Certificates and Clearance Certificates from all Lodges of which they were or had been members.  He also warned such BB that the Petition would not be handed to them for signature until the Founding Committee of the new Lodge was satisfied that all papers were in order”. (Reg.Mtg. 15th June 1956)

Formal recommendation of the formation of the new Lodge was given in November 1956, when the Petition Form for Falcon Lodge was signed by the Master and Wardens of Eagle Lodge.

In the meantime the Lodge had already received, in August 1956, a request from a Bro. Spencer in Kasama to support the formation of a Lodge there.  This request was referred to the Standing Committee for consideration, from where nothing more was heard about it.

The Lodge received a gift of a new carpet from Bro. Guttman in March 1957, in time for District Grand Lodge meeting, a week later, to consecrate the new Falcon Lodge.

“The District Grand Master consecrated Falcon Lodge No. 7510 at Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, on 22nd March 1957.  The sponsoring Lodge was Eagle Lodge No. 7232, under whose banner the meeting was held.  Wor.Bro. J.F.Davidson installed the first master.” (Report D.G.Board of Gen. Purposes, Com. 30th March 1957)

107 Brethren attended this memorable occasion.

“The outstanding event of the year was, of course, the Consecration of Falcon Lodge.  It is a matter of considerable satisfaction that, after a period of just over four years, in order to cope with the demand for extension to Freemasonry, another English Lodge was founded.

…………The Consecration of Falcon Lodge was not carried through without some sacrifices on the part of Eagle Lodge.  This was fully appreciated before the step was taken.  It is understandable also that with the increased activity a certain reduction in the number of Brethren attending Eagle Lodge would take place.” (Master’ Report for 1957)

Bro. F.L. Wood was elected to the Chair in November 1957.  His Installation took place on 7th December 1957 and was attended by 52 members and 13 visitors.

At his second meeting Wor. Bro. Wood addressed the Brethren on their duties and responsibilities when proposing candidates for freemasonry.  In order to preserve the contents of his address and to give it wider publicity, it is quoted in full hereunder:

“On several occasions in the past, the masters of Eagle Lodge have impressed on Brethren, first the heavy responsibility which rests on the shoulders of those who propose candidates for Initiation, and secondly the need to avoid, if possible, an adverse ballot.  It is my duty to follow their example.  A proposer must be absolutely certain that a candidate is the right man for Freemasonry and for Eagle Lodge.  He should know the candidate intimately and be able to vouch for his character.  It may not always be applicable, but it is an excellent thing if the proposer knows the candidate in his home life.  In regard to the ballot, Brethren may accept the following as being correct: It is desirable that a Brother would be blackball a person, proposed for Initiation, should take all reasonable steps to ensure that it would not be necessary for him to do so.  A brother who fails to take these steps may do grevious harm to the Lodge.  Whether or not a Brother has taken such steps, it is his absolute right to vote in accordance with his conscience and according to the principles of Masonry.  A Brother who believes that a person ought not to be admitted into Masonry should have sound reasons for his belief.  A word to the Master may resolve the Brother’s fears or it may avoid the embarrassment of an adverse ballot, since a ballot might never take place, and it may prevent the Lodge from making a serious mistake.  Brethren may be assured that the Standing Committee of the lodge investigates every proposition with the greatest of care, but a Brother ought never to hesitate to play his part in assisting the master, his Wardens and officers to preserve the honour, dignity and reputation of the Lodge”. (Rg.Mtg. 21st February 1958)

The D.G.M., Capt. A.J.Thompson, visited the Lodge on 10th April 1958 and after the second rising, occupied the Chair to address the Lodge:

“……………..The D.G.M. then spoke of the great pleasure it gave him to visit Eagle Lodge for the first time since assuming his new Office and congratulated the W.M. and Bb on the manner in which the ceremony had been carried out.  He also congratulated the Lodge on the remarkable progress made since its formation and pointed out the sixth largest lodge in his District.  He also mentioned his satisfaction with the administrative organisation of the Lodge and was especially pleased to note from Lodge returns that the payment of subscriptions compared very favourably with the general standard for the District, where 16% of some 2000 BB were in arrears.  He went on to congratulate the Lodge on its Charity work, especially monitoring the recent donation to the Royal Masonic Hospital.  The D.G.M. then invited attention to the ivory maul and stand, mounted on gold, which had been made for presentation to Col. Sir Ellis Robbins at a meeting of District Grand Lodge on Saturday 7th June, to which all BB were invited”.

In 1959, Lodge Lusaka, the owners of the Masonic Temple, approached all tenants with a request for fund towards their proposed development plan for the building.  The main points of this plan were the provision of an additional room for chapter and other degree workings and a covered and screened verandah along the north side of the building.  Ventilation of Temple and Refectory would be undertaken at the same time.  Since 1954 Eagle Lodge had started and maintained a Building Fund in order to be able to set up their own house should the need thereto arise.  A sub-committee, appointed by the Lodge to consider Lodge Lusaka’s request drew up a long report of their deliberations, which, while leaving the door wide open for individual Brethren to make donations agreed

“                that a donation could be made from the building Fund but that no substantial depletion of the Fund would be justified as the purposes for which it was established had not fallen away”.  (Report Building Sub-Committee 18th September 1959)

A sum of £100 was offered as a donation towards the cost of the alterations but about a month later Lodge Lusaka advised that their proposer Temple Development Scheme had been abandoned.

This information relates to the early years of Eagle Lodge.  Its history through to the present day is awaiting compilation.