Lodge Name

Falcon Lodge No 7510 EC



Meeting place

Freemason’s Hall

Date of Consecration

Saturday March 22nd, 1957

Regular meeting day

First Monday


Third Saturday March



Worshipful Master

Wor Bro M. Patel

Senior Warden

Bro S. Cole

Junior Warden

Bro S. B. Nayee


Wor Bro T. A. Patel

Contact details

all communication through the secretary

P.O.Box FW 235, Lusaka

Extract from “A History of English Freemasonry in Zambia to 1970”, compiled at the request of the District Grand Lodge of Zambia by A.M.L.Entzinger, Ndola, Zambia, MDCCCCLXXI

A resolution in Eagle Lodge paved the way for a second Lodge in Lusaka.  The solemn consecration took place on 22nd March 1957, by the District Grand Master, R.Wor.Bro. Col. Sir Ellis Robins, at a Special Meeting of Eagle Lodge , with Wor. Bro. W.G.M.Lugton in the Chair.

“The District Grand Master appointed Wor. Bro. Capt. A.J.Thompson, D.D.G.M., and Wor. Bro. S.M.Winsor, P.D.G.W., as his assistant Consecrating Officers and the following additional Officers: as D.Senior G.Warden Wor.Bro. D.J.Jones, D.Junior G.Warden Wor Bro. J.A.Wilson……..” (Conscr.Mtg. 22nd March 1957)

Other offices were filled by Wor.Bros. D.R.Weston, E.A.A.Green, A.Godden, E.E.Spence, R.Willoughby, G.Pewsey, C.Vernon, S.L.Petersen, E.Kopelowitz and R.R.Webb.

The ceremony was the usual, carried out in the First Degree.  Before the calling off, the District Grand Master requested the Installing Officers to take up their offices for the Installation of Bro. F.G.Pallin, Master Designate.

Senior Warden

Wor. Bro.


Junior Warden









Director of Ceremonies



Senior Deacon



Junior Deacon






Inner Guard

Wor. Bro.





(Consecr.Mtg. 22nd March 1957)

After refreshment, Wor. Bro. J.Davidson was invited to assume the Chair for Installation of the first Master.

“Falcon Lodge No 7510.  The District Grand Master consecrated Falcon Lodge No. 7510 at Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia, on 22nd March 1957.  The sponsoring Lodge was Eagle Lodge No. 7232, under whose banner the meeting was held.  Wor.Bro. J.F.Davidson installed the first Master”. (Report D.Bd.Gen.Purposes, 27th Ann. Com. 30th March 1957)

The first meeting of Falcon Lodge was only a business meeting without a working.  It would appear that furniture and jewels were borrowed from other Lodges as, reading through the minutes, we come repeatedly to items recording the presentation of pieces to the Lodge by individual members.

“Bro. Guttman, despite the serious handicap from the injuries, received in his recent accident, offered in person to present a handsome V.S.L. to the Lodge.  This was received with gratitude by the W.M. who suitably than ked Bro. Guttnam for his generosity and wished him a steady return to normal health.” (Reg.Mtg. 6th May 1957)

“It was stated by the W.M.that Bro. Whitmarsh of Luanshya had promised to present a cushion to the Lodge.  Wor. Bro. secretary was instructed to write and accept the offer on behalf of the Lodge, with grateful thanks.” (Reg.Mtg. 3rd June 1957)

The I.P.M. then announced the presentation of a case of W.T.’s to the Lodge by the W.M., Wor.Bro. F.G.Pallin.  He was gratefully thanked on behalf of the Lodge by the I.P.M.”. (Reg.Mtg. 2nd September 1957)

The design of the Founders Jewel was discussed and agreed at the Regular meeting of 29th July, 1957.  One of these jewels was later presented to the Grand Lodge Museum.

The second Installation meeting brought Bro. D.J.Ruth in the chair.  This worthy Brother would later, in February 1971, be appointed Deputy District Grand Master, an office which he, due to falling health and consequent departure from the country, regrettably could not hold for more than a year.

He was succeeded in the Chair by Bro. F.Mack, during whose year in office the Stewards’ Fund came under review.  The Stewards had been given an amount of money from the Lodge funds to do their shopping with and any shortage was made up by themselves.  In June 1959, the Secretary suggested that this was not fair on them and suggested an amount of £ 1.1.-  should be set aside from the members’ subscriptions to go into a Stewards’ Fund.  In the absence of the W.M. on overseas leave the matter was left in abeyance.

The W.M. referred to circular letters sent to all members in respect of the Stewards’ Fund.  Bro. Andrew proposed and Bro. Ottoway seconded that an amount of 25/- be collected per year for each member for stewards’ funds.  This was carried by the Brethren”. (Reg.Mtg. 5th October 1959)

It must have been terribly embarrassing for W.Bro. Mack to make an official visit……………..all alone.

“The W.M. announced that, although he had intimated at the last meeting that he would officially visit Lodge Lusaka, not one of the Brethren of the Lodge supported him.  He felt it was a poor show and he did appeal to the Brethren to support the Master when officially visiting.  It was certainly not nice for a master to find himself without supporters on such an occasion”. (Reg.Mtg. 2nd November 1959)

During Wor. Bro. Mack’s year in office the meeting date of the Lodge was changed from the first Monday in the month to the first Thursday, as it still is today.

“It was felt that many Brethren would prefer a late night towards the end of the week rather than early in the week, as existed now”. (Com.Mtg. 7th October 1959)

In September 1960, Eagle Lodge got in contact with Falcon Lodge about the possible purchase of the Scout Hall for use as an English Constitution Temple.  Falcon Lodge had no desire to move away from the present premises and declined to participate in the proposal.  It is possible that Eagle Lodge’s initiative was inspired by the winding up of the Lusaka Masonic central committee, an inter-lodge committee to manage the affairs of the temple building.  On 1st October 1960, Lodge Lusaka resumed control of the property, promising that rents would not be increased for 18 months if all Lodges and Chapters remained tenants of the Temple.  Their goodwill was further exemplified by a generous alteration to their years old meeting dates to accommodate all users of the building.  Under the new management Lodge Lusaka would run the Temple with a Committee of Representatives from all Lodges and Chapters.  All Mondays and Thursdays were allocated to Eagle and Falcon Lodges with whom the Chapter had to arrange its meetings.

We saw earlier that many items of Lodge furniture had been donated to the Lodge by individual members.  The last and probably largest item, however, still had to be borrowed until

“W. Bro. Pallin expresses the pleasure it gives him and Bro Wilkins for the gift to the Lodge of the Tracing Boards and cabinet and stated that the Lodge was now completely furnished and self contained”. (Reg.Mtg. 5th October 1961)

The District Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Capt. A.J.Thompson, paid a visit to falcon Lodge on 21st September 1962, to attend a Third Degree working.

“The District Grand Master acknowledged the hearty greetings and expresses his pleasure in being able to attend and to witness an extremely fine ceremony and would be pleased to remain to the Festive Board”. (Em.Mtg. 21st September 1961)

The 34th Annual Communication of the District Grand Lodge of Rhodesia was held on 2nd May 1964, under the banner of Falcon Lodge in the Charter Hall, Lusaka.  The occasion was attended by 28 members, 94 visitors and 60 D.G.L. Officers.  At this meeting W.Bro. F.L.Wood was promoted to D.S.G.W., W.Bro. D.Ruth to P.D.A.G.StdB., whilst W. Bros. F.W.Mack and R.W.L.Andrew were invested as D.J.G.D. and D.G.Tyler respectively.

“Now, may I express the thanks of the district to the Worshipful Master and brethren of Falcon Lodge for having invited us to hold this Communication, the first one to be held in Lusaka, under their banner and to say how much we appreciate the work they put into the arrangements for the accommodation that we have here this evening.  I am most grateful to you, Worshipful Master, and to the Brethren, and I trust you will convey to them my sentiments.” (From the address by the D.G.M.)

The District Grand Master also expressed his disappointment at the representation of Lodges on this occasion.

“I think some of the local Lodges might have achieved a little more than they have.  When I say ‘local Lodges’ it is in a fairly broad sense, I count the Copperbelt as being local Lodges.  It is the duty of the Lodge to see that it is properly represented and that at least the Master or one of his Wardens is present”. (From the address by the D.G.M.)

Although not specifically mentioned, it would appear that Falcon Lodge displayed its banner for the first time at this Communication, for at the next meeting, after passing the thanks of the D.G.M. to all,

“W.Bro. Hills proposed hat a vote of thanks be recorded to Bro. and Mrs Harris for the excellent work they had undertaken with the new banner”. (Reg.Mtg. 7th May 1964)

In January 1967, the R.W. the Deputy Grand Master was in the country to consecrate the newly formed District Grand Lodge of Zambia, and he paid a visit to Falcon Lodge.

“W. Bro. F.Douglas, the Grand Director of Ceremonies, was next admitted and announced that the Deputy Grand Master, the R.W. Earl Cadogan M.C., D.L.., accompanied by the District Grand Master, R.W. Bro. E.S.Speck, with their Grand Lodge and District Grand Lodge Officers was without and demanded admission.  A procession was then formed and the R.W. the Deputy Grand Master, Rt Hon. The Earl Cadogan, M.C., D.L., was admitted and presented to the W. Master, followed by the District Grand Master, R.W.Bro. E.S.Speck, P.A.G.D.C., and the other Grand and District Grand Officers, all of whom were greeted with the appropriate salutes to which they were entitled”. (Reg.Mtg. 30th January 1967)

At the first rising the R.W., the Deputy Grand Master presented Bro. E.Gill with his Grand Lodge Certificate.

In April 1967, to commemorate his visit to Zambia and to Falcon Lodge, it was proposed by W.Bro. D.H.Gibbs and seconded by W.Bro. F.Mack and unanimously agreed that the R.W. The Earl Cadogan, be invited to accept Honorary Membership of the Lodge

This information relates to the early years of Falcon Lodge.  Its history through to the present day is awaiting compilation.