Lodge Name


The Itawa Mark Lodge No 1442 EC




Meeting place


Freemason’s Hall

Date of Consecration



Regular meeting day


Third Monday,

January, April, July, October







Worshipful Master


Wor Bro M Nyirenda

Senior Warden


Bro C Sankwana

Junior Warden


Wor Bro Sothylingham



Wor Bro A.M.Vashee

Contact details


all communication through the secretary

P.O.Box 70165, Ndola. 

Extract from the DGLZ Jubilee Brochure, 2018

This text pertains to Mark Masonry with particular emphasis on the Itawa Mark Lodge
Compiled by WorBro A.J.Vashee OMGR

After the three degrees of Craft Freemasonry, many brethren look to “make a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge” as instructed in the Charge after Initiation. The United Grand Lodge actively encourages Master Masons to complete the Third degree by seeking exaltation in a Royal Arch Chapter; its makes no suggestion that they should complete that of a Fellow Craft, by advancement as a Mark Master Mason.  However one would hope that all Master Masons would want to do so, as it is simply an accident of history that those masons who are now exalted in the Royal Arch have not previously taken the Mark Degree.

Today every candidate to be advanced in the Degree of Mark Master Mason must be a Master Mason of a regular and recognised Craft Lodge, whilst candidates for the office of Worshipful Master must normally have served as the Worshipful Master of a Craft Lodge, although it is possible to obtain a dispensation.

The organisation of a mark lodge is similar to that of a Craft Lodge with some important changes. Four additional Officers are employed, three progressive, these are the Master, Senior and Junior Overseers, the other officer, the Registrar of Marks, non-progressive, sits adjacent to the Secretary, each has an important part to play in the Ceremony. The ceremony of admission is called Advancement and chronologically in the Solomonic legend it follows that of a fellow craft. It is one of the oldest and most interesting grades of freemasonry and today incorporates two degrees, for the candidate is first acknowledged as a Mark Man then subsequently advanced as a Mark Master Mason in the same ceremony.

The Degree grew out of an ancient ceremony in which each craftsman selected for himself a private mark, with which he might designate his particular work and this mark was duly registered with the constituted authority. The Mark Degree is an important Order for many reasons, more especially next to the Craft and Royal Arch it is the largest of the Masonic orders and has stood the test of time.

At present the only operative English Mark Lodge is the Itawa Mark Lodge No: 1442, in Ndola, whilst a Charter is still available for reopening the Kafue Mark Lodge No: 1212, in Kitwe.