Chapter Name

The Itawa Royal Arch Chapter No 7072



Meeting place

Freemason’s Hall

Date of Consecration

Saturday June 16th, 1968

Regular Convocation day

Second Thursday

February, May August November





First Principal

Ex.Comp. R L Patel

Second Principal

Ex.Comp. C Sankwana

Third Principal

Ex.Comp. M Nyirenda

Scribe E


Contact details

all communication through Sribe E

P.O.Box 72361, Ndola

1968 – 2018

A brief history of the Itawa Royal Arch No 7072 EC

The Itawa Royal Chapter was consecrated on Saturday June 15th 1968  and is now celebrating its fiftieth year.  The impetus for formation of the Itawa Royal Arch Chapter is covered in the book  A History of Freemasonry in Zambia written in the 1970s by E.N.T.Entzinger, who was a Brother and Companion of the Itawa Lodge No 7072 EC.  As well as that publication, the 25 year Souvenir booklet produced by the Itawa Lodge has been referenced.

Throughout its history the Itawa Royal Chapter has been domiciled at the Freemasons Hall in Ndola, which was constructed in the 1930s by Lodge David Ogilvie No 1371 of the Scottish Constitution.  A new replacement building is currently under construction.

At the time of Consecration there were four other existing English Constitution Royal Arch Chapters in the country – Brolund Royal Arch (consecrated 5th May 1945 and attached to Luangwa Lodge No 4820), Luanshya RA No 5278 (consecrated Saturday 13th July 1946), Mufulira RA No 5326 (consecrated Saturday 18th December 1954) and Victoria Falls RA No 5327 (consecrated 3rd December 1932).  Of these four Chapters only Brolund RA Chapter (as from 25th April 1968 under the auspices of Falcon Lodge No 7510) is still in operation.  That Chapter was very supportive in the creation of the Itawa RA Chapter and figured prominently in the Installation of the first Itawa Principals.

Unfortunately no Supreme Grand Chapter Officer was available to officiate at the Consecration.  Support from the District and other Constitutions was significant as evidenced by the names in the Consecration register.  The 23 Founders included members from both other Chapter/Lodges in the English and other Constitutions.

Two important names in the formation of the Itawa Royal Arch Chapter were D.F.Lucas and L.A.Sysum.  Unfortunately the former (who had recently moved from Victoria Falls / Livingstone to Ndola) passed on to the GLA some two years after Consecreation and the latter left Zambia in the early 1970s   Both were enthusiastic founder members and their loss undoubtedly impacted on Chapter strength.

The first two decades through the 1970s and 1980s had regular exaltations with a waiting list of applicants.  Through the 1990s activities continued at not quite the same pace.  Through the late 1990s and into the new millenium there were times when the Chapter struggled, with a nadir being reached in 2009 when no Convocations are recorded in the Signature Book.  This would have been partly influenced by the closure of Mwana Lodge No 8706 EC.  Since then the climb has been on an upward but gradual trend.  The Consecration of Jubilee Royal Arch No 5582 on 15th September 1986 was supported by the Itawa Royal Arch Chapter which contributed four founder members.

The Itawa Royal Arch Chapter has used the Aldersgate Ritual since inception.  Whether or not this caused any conflict or confusion at the time of Consecration or during routine Convocations is not recorded..  On occasion, workings have used words from other rituals.

Regular Convocations have been held four times in the year, the current months of February, May, August and November dating back to the 1970s, although initially meetings were held in October, January, April and July (Installation).  There was a period from 1977 to 1984 when six meetings were held in the year.  This acknowledges the strength of Freemasonry in general and The Itawa Royal Arch Chapter in particular at that time.

In 1968 the Exaltation fee was K30, joining fee K12 and annual subscription K10 (inclusive of dinning fees). Subscription for country members was K5.  In 1985 subscription was increased from K20 to K50 (£5-00) and Exaltation fee to K100 (£10-00), the sterling amount reflecting foreign exchange issues prevalent in the country at that time.  Precise membership numbers are elusive.  A Grand Chapter Return in the late 1980s has a list of close to seventy names, whilst a list from a meeting in 1984 contains 43 names (with a notable number being classified as country members).  Numbers varied erratically through the early 2000s.

Disbursements and donations to relevant charity establishments have been reported in the minutes.  Beneficiaries have included standard masonic charities, non masonic charities / organisations and the Masonic Charity Fund of Zambia (MCFZ).  Itawa Companions continue to take an active role in the running of  the MCFZ.

Five Founders of the Itawa Royal Arch Chapter No 7072 became MEZ of the Chapter.  Six Founders had been or became WorMaster of the Itawa Lodge No 7072.  Two Founders became WorMaster and MEZ at Mufulira No 5326.  (This was presumably similar at Luanshya but for which records/information at the time of writing had not been located.)

Based on available information a total of 157 plus Companions have been exalted in the Itawa Royal Arch No 7072.

Of this number, 27 have held the office of both MEZ and WorMaster, 23 in the Itawa Lodge No 7072 and eight in the Mwana Lodge No 8706.  Three were WorMaster of both the Itawa and Mwana Lodges.  Two brothers  were MEZ of the Itawa Royal Arch Chapter, but WorMaster separately in the Itawa and Mwana Lodges.  One Companion has been recognised in the UK honours list, and one recognised with Zambia state honours.  Three Itawa RA Companions became MEZ of Brolund RA Chapter.  There have been two father – son relationships in the Chapter.

One Ex Companion held the office of MEZ for five years, and one for four consecutive years from 2002/03 to 2006/07; while eight Companions have done two consecutive year stints as MEZ.

At the time of the 50th anniversary at least ten Companions have passed to the Grand Chapter Above while active in the Lodge/Chapter, and of those at least three were Principals at the time of their passing.

(abridged from the Itawa Royal Arch No 7072 50th year anniversary document dated 2018)