The Masonic Bowls Tournament is an annual tournament held by The Lodge of Unity 1510 SC, aimed at raising much needed funds for the most vulnerable and needy people in our society.

This year, we had a field of 20 teams, 80 players and a huge number of spectators and supporters, making this day not only competitive for players but also a day of fun and enjoyment for all.

The event managed to raise the total sum after all cost of ZMW 86,750.00 for charity. All the proceeds went to the following charity organizations:

Cheshire Home, Chibalo Centre for the Aged Matero Covent, Flyspec, Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood, Little Assisi Orphanage, Palabana Children’s Village Trust, Roma Parish Council and Lusaka Animal Welfare Society

RWM Lodge of Unity Bro. V. Vidmar with the Winners 2018 Liberty Life Team!

RWM Lodge of Unity Bro. V. Vidmar with the Runners Up 2018 Stanbic Team!